Zukisa is making RandMark and Hip Hop big in Xhorha

By: Mfundo Mpathani

Xhorha – Zukisa Luzenge is the name I’m 24 years young I was born in Xhorha, I did my lower grades at Dalubuhle JSS then went to Skenjana SSS in Dutywa after I went to KSD Cicirha College doing Human Resources where I had to drop off due to personal reasons then, I took off to Mpumalanga the same year where I pursued short courses in (safety Health Environment representative) at NOSA year 2013. After that an hip hop artist inside me started to grow eventually it come out but I waited and practiced for two years trying to find if what’s inside of me is real or what it turned out to me really 2016 I started recording and 2016 the same yeah Randmark was born but started printing and selling 2017 middle year but Randmark has grown. Now under Randmark we have…

-Youth development
-Beauty pageants
-Giving exposure to up coming artists
-We do marketing for those who are in business who doesn’t have a platform to sell their goods
-Promoting entrepreneurship
-Most important people have to be *wise spenders*

What is *Randmark* a Randmarked person is anyone who knows how to put money into good use regardless how much it is. If you know how to *make money* and *spending wise* then you have got Randmark…how did Randmark comes ouuut. I was so worried about how people spent their money like there’s no tomorrow so I wanted to educate people money its self not the numbers so it started as money mark in my head but money is a global term so I had to come out with something that has a South African taste so it clicked in mind that South African currency is expressed in Rands so I substituted money with Rand…so Randmark came out….from money mark – *Randmark*
I have been doing that from my own pocket..
It terms of family support many of my family members doesn’t understand what I’m doing so hard for them to be fully supported towards this.
The only person who understood my vision or my dream is my late brother *Zimasa Luzenge* he gave me all the support I deserved. It felt good
At the moment I’m busy with growing the brand, growing my self as an artist and pursuing my two interests which is business and media.

Those are the words from a young business man and Hip hop artist from Xhorha under Mbhashe Municipality, when Mbhashe Online correspondent was talking to him about his life and the clothing business he is doing. Other youth who was born and grew up in rural communities they use that to grow themselves as they want to change their life experience from rural life by starting their own small business and take part in sport, music and other activities as part of fighting crime and keep them busy within the community. Let’s support them.

Ukuzalelwa nokukhulela ezilalini makungakuthinteli ekubeni ufezekise iminqweno namaphupha akho.


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